Love Dating: What Everyone Really Wants + Why Letting Your Willy Lead Is Wrong

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Loveawake is really onto something with the serious dating angle – the sexual motivation of a single male is strong however in the end all he really wants is someone to love him and tell him how great he is…

You might find him suggesting that during a one night stand but on the whole guys keep it pretty close to hand. The sexual drive is simply a necessary motivation to make it happen.

Love dating is about forgetting about your pants for two seconds and actually thinking about the kinds of personalities that you would get along with. EHarmony help you out with their personality testing but what you actually have to do is know THY SELF.

Do you really know what you want?

Do you know what makes you tick?

Do you know what makes you sick?

Do you know what your ideal lifestyle would be?


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Why not get started on planning your ideal day… that way you can find out what is really important in your life..

For many people it comes down to being safe and secure in a warm dry clean home with friends and family that love them. It comes down to having the time to spend with the people they love and not having to send their children to day care while they go to work.

The ideal lifestyle for you could be packing up the bare essentials and heading out for an exciting fishing trip. It could be sailing around the world on a private yacht or doing up a ford mustang.

Whatever you choose you soon find out that day to day living doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. If all you really need to be happy is the sun on your back and your garden then why are you at a stressful office job?

Money is a reality of life but there is always alternative life routes. (

Knowing yourself can really help you find the person that shares common goals and aspirations. Leading with sexual motivation rather than love very often ends in tears. You soon find out that your two completely different personalities going in separate directions.

Even if you both want the relationship to last and work (and you do) your fate is sealed. So even if love dating doesn’t sound glamorous now it will pay off big time down the road.

Finding someone that you connect with spiritually and emotionally is one of the best experiences in this world and adding common life goals on top of that and you have a winning marriage and life. The people you choose to spend your life with shape your destiny.

Who have you chosen?

By not choosing at all you end up with whatever life throws at you which turns out to be what everybody else doesn’t want.

By planning out your life (to some degree) you increase your confidence in what life can bring. Certainty is one of those human emotions everybody must have… coming up with a life plan is a good idea if you have not already.

A life plan does not have to be a written declaration, just a thought process about whats really right for you. This leads onto dating with love.

Are the people in your life really good for you?

Because you now know what you want… will they help you along this path?

Bringing yourself out of depression or and environment of drugs and alcohol can be dam near impossible for some people.

But it can and should be done every time with the support of whoever you can find. Seek loving daters that really want to live life based on solid fundamentals.

Write down the kind of person that would make you happy about who you are and where you want to go. If you want to travel in the future and are not interested in career development then you have a starting point.

Browse some personals sites (plentyoffish, loveawake, cupid) and find out the differences in personalities and belief systems of other people.

People are fascinating – Get interested in social dynamics and love, it will help your make the right decision when it comes your way. It’s easy when your lonely to jump on the first thing that comes your way… many people have feelings of inadequacy about worthiness of love.

Thus they get into familiar patterns of thinking and stick with what’s familiar in life. This leads to the same path as not making a decisions about which path you will take.

Dating with love out trumps one night stands every single time (even if the sex was great)

Understand this and understand that what you really want is a women that admires and respects your hard work… A women that loves you and would never leave you even if times get tough.

It’s hard to ignore the ever present drive of sex – use it for good… use it for motivation to find the right person.

To many use it to quickly to get into the sack with the first piece of ass that comes their way… get to comfortable and then via feelings of inadequacy find themselves in a relationship that’s sub par.

By starting off on the right foot (the love foot) you get into the right relationship for you and the amazing mind blowing spiritual sex comes later.